Our culture

A healthy and structured focus on freedom has allowed Xelvin to grow into the company that it is today without constraint. Freedom is truly at Xelvin's core and has served as the starting point from which the most successful choices have been made.

Because when you give the right people sufficient freedom in the right context, incredible things can happen.

Enjoyment is also of paramount importance. Because there is no hierarchy at Xelvin, no oppressive restrictions or rules that cause delays, making working at and for Xelvin fun.

We are a dynamic organisation and are continually readjusting our course to achieve new goals. This enables us to discover and embrace new insights, and that makes us the best at what we do.

Our attitude is no-nonsense; we want to make the impossible possible and we believe that our method ensures that everyone can realise his or her goals.

And in doing so, we relish personal contact. We think it's important to know what is going on with our staff members, so we can always assist them in word and deed.

We place candidates and companies in the spotlight. We are eager to enable them to make a successful and conscious choice!