Ahmed Matar en Magdy Shonoda: Software Engineers bij Mapscape

Last September Ahmed Matar started his international career in The Netherlands. He found a job at Mapscape in Eindhoven via Xelvin. He’s originally from Egypt (Caïro) and worked for several years as a Software Engineer at an Egyptian company. Less than a year later, he welcomed his former colleague Magdy Shonoda who joined Mapscape via Xelvin, so they became colleagues again. Curious to their story? Continue reading, Ahmed and Magdy will tell you more about their experiences so far.


Ahmed en Magdy3
Xelvin case IHC Vremac

IHC Vremac Cylinders

Client: IHC Vremac in Apeldoorn
Employees: Wilco Dost and Jeroen Wennemers

Wilco and Jeroen started working at IHC Vremac in Apeldoorn in quick succession, both via Xelvin. In Apeldoorn, hydraulic cylinders are made for onshore and offshore, among other things. 'The principle of the cylinder is not complex, but the conditions under which these cylinders have to function make it a complex product that IHC Vremac can be proud of,' says Wilco enthusiastically.


Royal Huisman

Client: Royal Huisman in Vollenhove
Employees: Melvin Bakker and Rui Pedro

Melvin and Rui have been working at Royal Huisman via Xelvin since last year. 'And we are very happy here,' says Melvin. They both work as teak deckers at one of the world's leading yacht builders. Making a teak deck is a profession in its own right.


Xelvin case Royal Huisman
Xelvin case Emmtec


Client: Emmtec in Emmen
Employee: Bram Mulder

Bram is one of the very first Xelvin employees. In 2006, he was the second employee for whom Xelvin acted as intermediary. Much has changed since that time. Bram looks back on those early years with great pleasure. 'Xelvin has grown tremendously, but the contact and service have always remained the same. I still have regular contact with Vincent van Wieren and Ruud Pesch, the founders of Xelvin. But I also have a good relationship with John Hutten, my current contact person. He regularly comes by for a cup of coffee.'


Mechatronical Design Engineer

Industry: Engineering
Employee: Senthan Mathavan

Senthan has been working as a Mechatronics Design Engineer at multinational supplier of lithographic machines for almost two years. He was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in troublesome times. Senthan looks back on this time with relief: ‘Despite the difficult circumstances with the war, I succeeded in finishing my studies. There, I was able to lay the foundations for where I am today.'


Xelvin case ASML


Client: Production Company Zaandam
Employee: Henk Kuijpers

'Working in industry, that's not a connection I would have made.' Henk has been working as MOC (Modification of Change) engineer in Zaandam for over a year now. 'I have been given carte blanche to carry out electrical engineering improvements in the production process for Critical Safety Devices. And I am very happy here.'