Mechatronical Design Engineer

Xelvin case ASML

Industry: Engineering
Employee: Senthan Mathavan

Senthan has been working as a Mechatronics Design Engineer atmultinational supplier of lithographic machines for almost two years. He was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in troublesome times. Senthan looks back on this time with relief: ‘Despite the difficult circumstances with the war, I succeeded in finishing my studies. There, I was able to lay the foundations for where I am today.'

In order to specialize, Senthan moved to England at the age of 25 to study there. Here, he completed his post-graduate and his PhD. Senthan has always found it important to integrate in the local culture as quickly as possible. ‘At that time, I deliberately chose to make contact with Europeans. And with most of them, I have built up beautiful friendships over the years.'

Senthan got in touch with Xelvin through LinkedIn. ‘Erik at Xelvin approached me for a job in the Netherlands. After several Skype conversations, he introduced me to a client, one of the most progressive high-tech companies in the world. After a first exploratory conversation via Skype, I was invited by Xelvin to come to the Netherlands and meet the company directly. That's not the kind of opportunity you pass up!'

It took a number of interviews before the right place was found for Senthan. ‘This technology is so specialized that both sides had to do some exploring to determine where my talents could best be utilized. Fortunately, Xelvin provided excellent counselling. Because the consultants at Xelvin have the necessary technical knowledge, they have really been able to support me in this.'

When the right place had been found, Senthan decided to take the plunge and move to the Netherlands. ‘Relocating to another country is a big step. Fortunately, Xelvin takes care of everything, which is a great comfort. From visa to housing, I didn't have to do a thing. But even the shortest way to the local supermarket and the nearest bus stop, Monique from the Eindhoven Office showed me everything. Without this support, I am convinced the process of settling in would have taken much longer.'

Senthan has also built up a social life in the Netherlands. He plays badminton at a local club. And technology also plays a large role in his free time. 'Colleagues have also become friends. Common interests make it fun and interesting to focus on technology even in your free time,' said a satisfied Senthan.

Senthan is pleased with Xelvin's support, both prior to and during his new job. 'The staff at Xelvin are particularly helpful. You can always ring them with questions about work, but also for all kinds of related things. It has meant that I felt at home quickly in the Netherlands.'

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