Xelvin case Emmtec

Client: Emmtec in Emmen
Employee: Bram Mulder

Xelvin case Emmtec

Bram is one of the very first Xelvin employees. In 2006, he was the second employee for whom Xelvin acted as intermediary. Much has changed since that time. Bram looks back on those early years with great pleasure. 'Xelvin has grown tremendously, but the contact and service have always remained the same. I still have regular contact with Vincent van Wieren and Ruud Pesch, the founders of Xelvin. But I also have a good relationship with John Hutten, my current contact person. He regularly comes by for a cup of coffee.'

Bram has been working in electrical engineering since 1973. After his vocational training, he went to work as an electrician. In the years that followed, he has worked his way up. He has now been working as an electrical engineering inspector via Xelvin for 6 years. And he still enjoys it very much: 'The most important challenge in my work is that colleagues can do their work safely and responsibly. It is a varied job with a lot of responsibility. In the beginning, I was only responsible for inspections, but now I've also taken on planning, calculation and requesting quotations. The days fly by.'

Bram sees the fact that he is seconded as an advantage. ‘Because I am seconded, I can view installations objectively. It means I'm independent. What's more, Xelvin's knowledge of the market helped me to find a new job within a week. I would not have known where to start.'

Bram thinks back to those early years with a big smile. 'Vincent called with a job for 3 months. That was more than 6 years ago and I am still there!' Bram's advice is clear: 'Just do your best and you'll make yourself indispensable.'

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