IHC Vremac Cylinders

Xelvin case IHC Vremac

Client: IHC Vremac in Apeldoorn
Employees: Wilco Dost and Jeroen Wennemers

Wilco and Jeroen started working at IHC Vremac in Apeldoorn in quick succession, both via Xelvin. In Apeldoorn, hydraulic cylinders are made for onshore and offshore, among other things. 'The principle of the cylinder is not complex, but the conditions under which these cylinders have to function make it a complex product that IHC Vremac can be proud of,' says Wilco enthusiastically.

Wilco is responsible for the technical support of the sales and account managers. 'At my previous employer, I set up a costing department. That experience has come in handy here. I'm responsible for the technical calculations needed to submit a good quotation. This allows the account managers to spend their time on things they are best at, like selling cylinders ‘.

Jeroen was brought on board as a manufacturing engineer. For many years, he worked at Scania in Zwolle, one of the market leaders in Lean Manufacturing. He started out as a mechanic and, due to reorganization, he more or less by accident ended up in logistics, where he worked his way up to logistics analyst through experience and training. He turned out to be the right man for IHC Vremac. 'It's a challenging job because there are great advances to be made in logistics here. Much of what I put forward is unfamiliar to the people in production. Like setting up buffers or making it clear to machine operators that their job is to operate machines and that they should leave the moving of components to logistics employees. We're already reached the point that they volunteer their own ideas for improvements.'

Both men are very pleased with the services provided by Xelvin. Wilco adds: 'My previous employer unexpectedly went bankrupt. This meant that I had to look for a new job, preferably one that started the next day. Pim at Xelvin managed to achieve this quickly and successfully.' Jeroen is also satisfied with Xelvin's services. 'The counselling that Xelvin offers is excellent. If there are any questions or uncertainties, they will be taken care of quickly. Ultimately, the idea is that IHC Vremac will take over my employment contract. And Xelvin has made this possible. My hat's off to them!'

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