Client: Production Company Zaandam
Employee: Henk Kuijpers

'Working in industry, that's not a connection I would have made.' Henk has been working as MOC (Modification of Change) engineer in Zaandam for over a year now. 'I have been given carte blanche to carry out electrical engineering improvements in the production process for Critical Safety Devices. And I am very happy here.'

Henk completed a HTS training in Electrical Engineering, with Computer Engineering as his main subject. He has spent most of his career as an electrical engineer working on Flight Simulators. Because his former employer relocated, Henk was forced to find a new challenge. Before he came into contact with Xelvin, Henk spent a short time at Schiphol working as a Maintenance Coordinator. ‘A nice job, but one with 24-hour shifts. I found that difficult to combine with my family; I also want to give them sufficient attention.'

'A Flight Simulator is very different from process engineering. When Xelvin approached me for the position of MOC engineer, I was surprised. But it actually fits in very well. Screen-based communication works exactly the same, only the programming languages are different. That is the advantage of a party that has a broad technical base; they see similarities that are not there at first glance. And it's nice to have a third party bring you to the attention of new businesses. Xelvin knows about channels I know nothing about.'

Henk is very pleased with his new employer. He is given a lot of freedom to give his job a highly personal interpretation. 'And they truly appreciate your work, which makes working here very pleasant.'

Henk is taking part in the Engineering 3.0 programme, a training series provided by Xelvin West. Henk sees the fact that Xelvin provides this training as a nice added value: 'I haven't had training in soft skills like conflict management and communication in years. It is good that attention is paid to these areas.'

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