Royal Huisman

Xelvin case Royal Huisman

Client: Royal Huisman in Vollenhove
Employees: Melvin Bakker and Rui Pedro

Melvin and Rui have been working at Royal Huisman via Xelvin since last year. 'And we are very happy here,' says Melvin. They both work as teak deckers at one of the world's leading yacht builders. Making a teak deck is a profession in its own right. Melvin has been working in luxury yacht construction since he was 16. He has trained as an all-round furniture maker and yacht carpenter. Rui got into the business by chance. When he moved from Portugal to the Netherlands in 1992, he was offered a training course as a cabinetmaker. ‘It's pure coincidence that I am in this business, but to this day I am very happy with it!’ says Rui.

Both Rui and Melvin have already seen much of the world. Their jobs have taken them to Marseille, Italy and Mallorca, among others, for repair work. In telling these adventures, broad smiles appear on their faces. 'It’s fantastic really, flying to warm places in November!'

Melvin and Rui have worked together in the past for another employer. Melvin came to Xelvin through an old colleague. His former employer went bankrupt, so he was looking for a new challenge. The tip of his old colleague was clear: 'Ring Gabe at Xelvin and everything will be fine.' And so it went. When Rui was also looking for a new job, Melvin gave him the same advice: 'Ring Gabe at Xelvin and everything will be fine.' The result: the two men have been working together for a year.

Both are full of praise for Royal Huisman. 'Here you come into contact with all levels of craftsmanship. But whether you are a mechanic, a project manager or the sales director, everyone is equal. Everyone works hard, but there's also time for a joke.' Both men are also very satisfied with regards to Xelvin. 'From the first contact up to now, all has gone very well. They do what they promise to do. Gabe and Rolf regularly come by to see how it's going. Genuine interest like that is worth a lot!'

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