Techniek 3.0 - Xelvin Software Development – 3rd Masterclass by Tim Albu

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Software Masterclass III - Tim Albu

Xelvin Techniek 3.0 organizes masterclasses for the new Xelvin Software Development training program. The training program offers a combination between theoretical and practical workshops and masterclasses to develop software for autonomous control of a drone and hereby further develop the software skills of our Engineers.



Wednesday May 6th, the third masterclass of the Xelvin Software Development training program was organized. When you think about software development, you will probably think of programming many lines of code. However ,Tim Albu learned us that it’s not only about the implementation phase. The design is just as important and crucial to create solid codes. Besides the architectural design, some UML models were discussed as well.

An important lesson of this Masterclass: when you want to make use of a design model, first check for which purpose you would like to use the specific model. Because another model could be better applicable and might make the implementation a lot less complicated!

The 4th masterclass will take place on the 2nd of September and the content will be related to design patterns.

Interested to know more about the Xelvin Software Development training program? Or about vacancies and the added value of Xelvin Software Development?

Please contact Manuel Teunissen ( or Mieke van Deurzen (



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